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[10] Music Player on Shuffle: First 10 Songs That Play

Here we go:

  1. Coalamode. – Nanairo Symphony
  2. Yui – Rolling Star
  3. Ryosuke Yamada (山田涼介) – Mystery Virgin (ミステリー ヴァージン)
  4. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
  5. Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) – Hey What’s Up?
  6. Secondhand Serenade – Vulnerable
  7. Hey! Say! BEST – スーツデイズ
  8. AKB48 – 上からマリコ
  9. RADWIMPS – トアルハルノヒ
  10. Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) – Sun Burns Down

I also give links to the songs if you are curious (I can’t find a link for song number 7 though) 😛

See you tomorrow!


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[9] Something I Always Think “What If…” About

If there is something I always think “what if…” about, it will be “What if I am a boy?”

I still remember in my childhood, I always wore T-shirt, short pants, and sandals every day. I refused to wear skirts except for school uniform. I kept my hair short and it made me even look like a boy.

One time, I went to a warung bakso (meatball stall) in front of my house. Still in my elementary school uniform, I went to buy a portion of noodle and meatball. This was the first time I visited the stall with my uniform. When I arrived at the stall, the owner immediately said: “Hey, you are a boy! You can’t use girl’s uniform to school! Does your mom know you wear a girl’s uniform?”

It turned out, for years, the owner of that stall believed that I am a boy. I explained to him that I am a girl and guess what? He refused to believe me. It was funny though. He even asked my mom if I really am a girl. LOL. It’s not only that time. It happened several times. Well, at school, I prefer to play with boys than girls. Too much drama in girls’ friendship, that was I thought at that time.

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[8] 5 Places I Want to Visit

The situation became a little bit hectic, so I forgot to write a blog post these past two days.

Now I am going to talk about 5 places I want to visit. Ready?


This is my most wanted place. I want to visit the St. Peter Basilica, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square, Vatican Library, and other places there.


Hokkaido in winter! There will be a lot of snow and it must be freaking cold. But then, it’s winter and snow 😛

United Kingdom

Main reason? Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter 😀

Then there is St. Paul’s Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, Tower of London, Stonehenge, and a lot more. The more I read those novels which have scenes in the UK, the more I want to visit it.

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[7] 5 Favorite Books

Here we go:

Harry Potter series (including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child)

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was in grade 6 in elementary school. I borrowed my friend’s book and really immersed in the story. I read it several times before I returned it back. I don’t remember the exact time when I started to collect the whole series. I guess it’s in my last year of junior high or in my first year of senior high. When the movie started to come out, I was also pretty excited. I watched the first movie over and over again (that’s the time when I had a VCD player in my house and I bought the original VCD).

Around that time, I started a hobby to record music from TV to a blank tape with my Walkman. You probably could guess what I did next. I watched the first movie again and I record some of the theme song and background music to a blank tape so I could listen to it again without having to watch the movie 😛

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is my least favorite book throughout the whole series. The same goes for the movies. My most favorite? Hmm, I guess it will be Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

I finished Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in the first week of this month. Even though it’s just a screenplay script (a collection of dialogues), I love it. It feels nostalgic when I started reading it. There are some points that I think it’s kind of weird, but never mind, it doesn’t matter because it’s Harry Potter! 😀

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[6] If I Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

Hmm, I never think about this before. Maybe I could define some criteria for it:

  1. Based on my previous post, I would definitely want to live in a country with 4 seasons.
  2. Have a winter season with not just a cold weather, but also snow.
  3. Quiet. Not overpopulated.
  4. No extreme traffic jam.
  5. Fresh air.
  6. Probably somewhere in countryside.

Ever since I played Harvest Moon, I am sometimes picturing myself living in a town like that – growing crops, have several barns, have gardens, visiting neighbors from time to time, and attending town festivals. But then, I am not really into farming or gardening so most likely I’m not going to do that.

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[5] Favorite Season

I spent 22 years lived in a tropical country where you could see sunshine almost everyday and everyday feels like summer. Finally, I get a chance to experience 4 seasons. Therefore, I could answer this question: What is your favorite season?

The answer is…….


And suddenly I remember this phrase:

Brace yourself, winter is coming

When I was a kid, I always wondering if I could experience winter. I love winter scene, be it in a TV series, movie, or even just in anime. Have been experiencing winter in three different countries, my love for winter just grow bigger. Even though it’s cold and I need to wear several layers of clothes, I still love winter. There is something mysterious and magical about winter, especially there is snow. Well, cold morning usually makes me want to curl up in my blanket and sleep the whole day 😛

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[4] 3 Favorite Colors

My most favorite color of all time is black. I remember there was a period where I loved to wear black T-shirt almost every time when I went out. At that time, if I needed to buy some clothes, I will automatically search for black clothes. I still like black until now, but I am not going to use black clothes every day. I never wear totally black from head to toe too. It looks like I am going to a funeral if I do that. Black is cool! And elegant, of course.

Second color is blue, more like light sky blue. Whenever I see something with light blue color, I feel calm. I have a hand warmer stuffed animal in light blue. It’s an elephant and his name is Epi 😀 FYI, Epi was born in Taiwan and is currently living in Hong Kong 😛

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Fufufu Epi :3

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