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[17] 10 Favorite Foods

[1] Ayam Goreng Suharti – Bandung

Hmm, the English name would be Suharti Fried Chicken? 😛 This is a must-to-eat food whenever I visit Bandung.


[2] Mie goreng/kering (fried noodle) Guangdong – Makassar

I never find this kind of delicious noodle anywhere except in Makassar. Well, I found a quite similar one in Surabaya, but still the one in Makassar is the best! I don’t know if this kind of noodle is really exist in Guangdong.


[3] Konro bakar (grilled konro) – Makassar

Konro is a rib soup from Makassar. The grilled konro is the dry variety of original konro.


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[16] The Thing That I Most Wish I Was Great At

It would be playing the piano and violin.

I never learn to play the piano. I once asked my mother to allow me to enroll in a piano lesson. Of course the answer was no. A big NO. I will need to buy a piano if I want to practice at home and there was no place at home. Then, the main reason was it’s so expensive and my mother didn’t see the benefit of that piano lesson for me.

When I was considering what major should I take in university, I did consider majoring in music. But I never told anyone that I want to take that. I knew what the response would be and they will not allow me to take that. No certain future, that’s what most people will say.

In my last year of university, I finally convinced myself to take a violin lesson. I didn’t ask anyone permission anymore simply because I used my own money to pay for it. It was just a short lesson though, only three months. I stopped because I need to move to Taiwan.

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[15] If I Were An Animal, What Would I Be?

I would be a rabbit 😀

I love rabbit so much. It’s so cute, so fluffy, and its nose keep moving. I still remember, I had two rabbits as a prize when I won a drawing competition in elementary school. I really wanted to keep them, but my mother said there was no place for them in the house. So, she gave them away 😦 After that time, I kept saying to myself when I have my own house I will have rabbit(s) as my pets.

Oh, speaking of rabbit, I like Tuzki and Mashimaro. Do you know the similarity between the two of them? It’s the eyes. The eyes are super thin, it’s only two lines 😛


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[14] Favorite Animated Character(s)

I have two most favorite characters all the time. One girl and one boy.

Sakura Kinomoto (木之本 桜) from Card Captor Sakura


This anime is quite old. I watched it on television when I was in elementary school. I really like the story and all her unique costumes. There was a time in my childhood that I spent on daydreaming how cool it would be if I were like her, met Kero-chan and collect Clow Cards in the city 😛 In junior high, I started to buy the VCD (or is it DVD? I don’t remember it anymore) for its Season 2. Later, I introduced her to KoBun and even re-watched the entire anime and its movies with him 2 years ago. I still love it!

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[13] Dream House

Let’s start with the garden.

I will have a gazebo there to enjoy the morning scenery or relax in the afternoon. Don’t forget the swings too! The garden might be big enough to have a picnic, barbecue, park the car, or just simply play with kids. You will find a rabbit and dog house there 😉

Now, move into the house.

Ideally, I want to have a two floors house. On the first floor, there will be a living room with sofa and table. This is the room where I’ll spend my time with the guests. Then, there is a kitchen and dining room. The kitchen must be large enough for my cooking experiment. No TV in the dining room so everyone in the family could focus on the food and have a better conversation experience. There will be a bathroom and toilet too, mainly for the guests to use.

Aside from living room, kitchen, and dining room, I am going to have a library also in the first floor. Probably with two doors and one of it is facing the garden. In the morning, I could open the door, sit there, and enjoying the fresh air while reading a book. Since I was a kid, I always dream to have a library in my house. Therefore, this one is a must to have.

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[12] Bullet My Whole Day

  • Snooze the alarm
  • Keep snoozing it until I finally wake up
  • Wait until the bathroom is free
  • Take a shower
  • (Grab something to eat for breakfast) → this one is rare
  • Get ready for work
  • Take the MTR
  • Arrive at the office
  • Settle down at my desk
  • Check my e-mail
  • Start coding
  • Keep coding
  • It’s time for lunch *finally*
  • Back to coding
  • Keep doing it until it’s time to go home
  • Take the MTR again
  • (Have a dinner) → this one is random. It depends on my stomach condition at that moment. I usually have lunch at 2pm or 2.30pm and still very full in the night, so I just skip dinner.
  • Take a shower
  • Watch movie/tv series/anime/dorama or playing games or write blogs or read novels
  • Time to sleep! *check the alarm*

See you tomorrow!


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[11] 10 Things I Would Like to Accomplish

These items are not ordered. I just write the one that pops-up in my head first.

  1. Europe trip!
  2. Take JLPT: I think I am going to aim for N3 or N4. Let’s hope I could get it in this year *cross finger*.
  3. Have my own house with special rooms: a library, a playing room, and exhibition room for my Nendoroids, Figmas, and figurines
  4. Watch Hey! Say! JUMP live concert
  5. Find out what I really want to do for the rest of my life
  6. Play more games, try different genres (except horror and thriller), and probably buy console(s)
  7. Have pet(s): Rabbit! But I’m also open to dog, especially Shiba Inu 😀
  8. Write a story. A fiction. Not just a short story in several paragraphs, but the one that I could publish it someday.
  9. Conquer Japan! Visit all its cities and islands.
  10. Visit Warner Bros Studio Tour London

See you tomorrow!