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[17] 10 Favorite Foods

[1] Ayam Goreng Suharti – Bandung

Hmm, the English name would be Suharti Fried Chicken? 😛 This is a must-to-eat food whenever I visit Bandung.


[2] Mie goreng/kering (fried noodle) Guangdong – Makassar

I never find this kind of delicious noodle anywhere except in Makassar. Well, I found a quite similar one in Surabaya, but still the one in Makassar is the best! I don’t know if this kind of noodle is really exist in Guangdong.


[3] Konro bakar (grilled konro) – Makassar

Konro is a rib soup from Makassar. The grilled konro is the dry variety of original konro.


[4] Any kind of BBQ/grilled ribs or meat

These pictures were the ribs and meat from Ed’s Diner in Taipei. You should try it!

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[5] Roasted pork (燒肉)

When I lived in Taipei, I couldn’t find a really good 燒肉 there. It’s easier to find it in Hong Kong. 燒肉 are the one with crispy skin and thick meat.


[6] Sushi and Sashimi

My favorite? Anything with salmon 😀

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[7] Ramen

I love Ichiran (一蘭) and Hakata Ippudo (一風堂).

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[8] Sweet Waffle

What is more delicious than a sweet waffle with cream/ice cream? *slurp

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[9] Kwetiaw Goreng (Fried flat rice noodle)

In Indonesia, this kind of noodle will definitely use kecap manis (sweet soy sauce).


[10] Hainan chicken rice with its oily rice

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See you tomorrow!



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