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[16] The Thing That I Most Wish I Was Great At

It would be playing the piano and violin.

I never learn to play the piano. I once asked my mother to allow me to enroll in a piano lesson. Of course the answer was no. A big NO. I will need to buy a piano if I want to practice at home and there was no place at home. Then, the main reason was it’s so expensive and my mother didn’t see the benefit of that piano lesson for me.

When I was considering what major should I take in university, I did consider majoring in music. But I never told anyone that I want to take that. I knew what the response would be and they will not allow me to take that. No certain future, that’s what most people will say.

In my last year of university, I finally convinced myself to take a violin lesson. I didn’t ask anyone permission anymore simply because I used my own money to pay for it. It was just a short lesson though, only three months. I stopped because I need to move to Taiwan.

Learn to play a violin is difficult, but it’s really interesting. I really like it. That’s why until now I still think it’s such a waste to stop 😦

Sometimes, from time to time, I am wondering what it would be like if I could play piano well and majored in Music. Maybe I will be in Europe now, join with an orchestra there. Maybe…

If someday I have kids and they want to learn any musical instruments, I will definitely support them.

See you tomorrow!



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