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[15] If I Were An Animal, What Would I Be?

I would be a rabbit 😀

I love rabbit so much. It’s so cute, so fluffy, and its nose keep moving. I still remember, I had two rabbits as a prize when I won a drawing competition in elementary school. I really wanted to keep them, but my mother said there was no place for them in the house. So, she gave them away 😦 After that time, I kept saying to myself when I have my own house I will have rabbit(s) as my pets.

Oh, speaking of rabbit, I like Tuzki and Mashimaro. Do you know the similarity between the two of them? It’s the eyes. The eyes are super thin, it’s only two lines 😛


Tuzki is a slim rabbit and full of funny expressions. Its stickers are my favorite in Facebook. If I were a rabbit, I bet I would be making the same expression with Tuzki 😛

While for Mashimaro, I started to like it when I was in Senior High School. I even collected a lot of Mashimaro GIFs in my cellphone at that time and keep re-watching it. I also collect Mashimaro plush toys 😀


OOT, I would be very happy if you give Tuzki or Mashimaro related stuffs 😛

See you tomorrow!



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