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[13] Dream House

Let’s start with the garden.

I will have a gazebo there to enjoy the morning scenery or relax in the afternoon. Don’t forget the swings too! The garden might be big enough to have a picnic, barbecue, park the car, or just simply play with kids. You will find a rabbit and dog house there 😉

Now, move into the house.

Ideally, I want to have a two floors house. On the first floor, there will be a living room with sofa and table. This is the room where I’ll spend my time with the guests. Then, there is a kitchen and dining room. The kitchen must be large enough for my cooking experiment. No TV in the dining room so everyone in the family could focus on the food and have a better conversation experience. There will be a bathroom and toilet too, mainly for the guests to use.

Aside from living room, kitchen, and dining room, I am going to have a library also in the first floor. Probably with two doors and one of it is facing the garden. In the morning, I could open the door, sit there, and enjoying the fresh air while reading a book. Since I was a kid, I always dream to have a library in my house. Therefore, this one is a must to have.

Hmm, it would be better if I have a piano too in the living room, or maybe make a special music room with a sound proof wall. I don’t know how to play a piano, but maybe I could learn it later or better, maybe my kids will learn to play piano 😉

All the bedrooms will be on the second floor. Three or four bedrooms will be nice. I am going to have a guest room too. I don’t really like using public toilet and sharing bathroom with so many people, therefore I am thinking to have a private bathroom in every bedroom. But if it’s too expensive, then at least I have my own private bathroom and one shared bathroom for the rest of the bedrooms.

In my bedroom, I want a big window in the room with a space to sit over there. Not a balcony, but something like this:


It’s going to be a great place to spend the night after a hard-working day. Looking at the window, see the night scenery with a sip of wine.

As I mention before, I want an exhibition room to show my collections of Nendoroids, Figmas, and figurines. There will be several glass cabinets and the room will be full of toys. Peeko, Pooh, Pipi, Koron, Suppi, and all its friends could have their own place in this room too 😀

Next to it, there will be a playroom. Based on its name, it’s the room where I could play game peacefully 😛 It could also serve as a karaoke or movie room. There will be no chair in the room, just a very big fluffy carpet and several pillows. And perhaps I’ll build a ball pool inside the room. I am kind of obsessed with ball pool, maybe it’s because I rarely went to the ball pool when I was a kid.

Overall, my house should have a lot of windows and ventilation to keep the fresh air circulation and have enough sunlight.

Hope I could make it real *cross finger*.

See you tomorrow!



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