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[12] Bullet My Whole Day

  • Snooze the alarm
  • Keep snoozing it until I finally wake up
  • Wait until the bathroom is free
  • Take a shower
  • (Grab something to eat for breakfast) → this one is rare
  • Get ready for work
  • Take the MTR
  • Arrive at the office
  • Settle down at my desk
  • Check my e-mail
  • Start coding
  • Keep coding
  • It’s time for lunch *finally*
  • Back to coding
  • Keep doing it until it’s time to go home
  • Take the MTR again
  • (Have a dinner) → this one is random. It depends on my stomach condition at that moment. I usually have lunch at 2pm or 2.30pm and still very full in the night, so I just skip dinner.
  • Take a shower
  • Watch movie/tv series/anime/dorama or playing games or write blogs or read novels
  • Time to sleep! *check the alarm*

See you tomorrow!



dreamer, learner, thinker

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