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[11] 10 Things I Would Like to Accomplish

These items are not ordered. I just write the one that pops-up in my head first.

  1. Europe trip!
  2. Take JLPT: I think I am going to aim for N3 or N4. Let’s hope I could get it in this year *cross finger*.
  3. Have my own house with special rooms: a library, a playing room, and exhibition room for my Nendoroids, Figmas, and figurines
  4. Watch Hey! Say! JUMP live concert
  5. Find out what I really want to do for the rest of my life
  6. Play more games, try different genres (except horror and thriller), and probably buy console(s)
  7. Have pet(s): Rabbit! But I’m also open to dog, especially Shiba Inu 😀
  8. Write a story. A fiction. Not just a short story in several paragraphs, but the one that I could publish it someday.
  9. Conquer Japan! Visit all its cities and islands.
  10. Visit Warner Bros Studio Tour London

See you tomorrow!




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