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[8] 5 Places I Want to Visit

The situation became a little bit hectic, so I forgot to write a blog post these past two days.

Now I am going to talk about 5 places I want to visit. Ready?


This is my most wanted place. I want to visit the St. Peter Basilica, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square, Vatican Library, and other places there.


Hokkaido in winter! There will be a lot of snow and it must be freaking cold. But then, it’s winter and snow 😛

United Kingdom

Main reason? Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter 😀

Then there is St. Paul’s Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, Tower of London, Stonehenge, and a lot more. The more I read those novels which have scenes in the UK, the more I want to visit it.


Chocolate! LOL. No, that is not the reason why I want to go to Swiss. The landscape looks so beautiful and it’s quite similar to the idea of my ideal place to live.

New Zealand

I saw several photos of my friends when they visited this country and it’s beautiful. Moreover, one of my friends said it’s really good to live there.

I wish I could visit all these places. Let’s work hard and travel harder 😛

See you tomorrow!



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