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[7] 5 Favorite Books

Here we go:

Harry Potter series (including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child)

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was in grade 6 in elementary school. I borrowed my friend’s book and really immersed in the story. I read it several times before I returned it back. I don’t remember the exact time when I started to collect the whole series. I guess it’s in my last year of junior high or in my first year of senior high. When the movie started to come out, I was also pretty excited. I watched the first movie over and over again (that’s the time when I had a VCD player in my house and I bought the original VCD).

Around that time, I started a hobby to record music from TV to a blank tape with my Walkman. You probably could guess what I did next. I watched the first movie again and I record some of the theme song and background music to a blank tape so I could listen to it again without having to watch the movie 😛

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is my least favorite book throughout the whole series. The same goes for the movies. My most favorite? Hmm, I guess it will be Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

I finished Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in the first week of this month. Even though it’s just a screenplay script (a collection of dialogues), I love it. It feels nostalgic when I started reading it. There are some points that I think it’s kind of weird, but never mind, it doesn’t matter because it’s Harry Potter! 😀

There is something I couldn’t accept until now. The fact that Harry ended up with Ginny and Ron with Hermione. In my mind, I always root for Harry with Hermione. I don’t like Ginny in the book and even worse in the movie (personal reason though). But still… it’s kinda sad when I read Harry realized that he has a feeling for Ginny 😦

Anyhow, I love Harry Potter so much therefore it will always be my number one favorite book.

A Dog’s Purpose

If you love dogs, you definitely need to read this book. The main character of this book is a dog and somehow when that dog is dead, the soul will be born into a puppy again (with different type of dog). It’s quite funny because you get the story from a dog’s perspective. You’ll have a glimpse about how a dog thinks and react to the changes in its environment. Its a meaningful and heart touching story. There is also a sequel to this novel – A Dog’s Journey. It’s also a great story, but I love the first one more.

There will be a movie based on this novel and I really hope it would be as great as its novel.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Who doesn’t know Katniss Everdeen? Now, whenever I think about Katniss, I will associate it with Jennifer Lawrence. The story is quite complex. Start with a death match called Hunger Games and the main character join the tournament purely because she wants to save her sister. It’s always about survival. How to survive in the match and become the winner. Later on, the story becomes more focused on the rebellion to the Capitol.

Never watch the movies? Better read the books first.


If you like to read a young-adult novel, then you need to read this. I just picked this book randomly at the bookstore and fortunately it’s a good story. Somehow I could relate to the main character of this story, the personality and her problems. The book is easy to read and quite close to the real situation of a fan culture.

I even bought its spin-off novel, Carry On, because this is the one that the main character in Fangirl has been working for in the story. But, I don’t like it so I will not recommend it 😛

There was another novel written by the same author of Fangirl and it’s also recommended. Eleanor and Park. Totally different story and theme. This one is about domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying, and a love story. Read this too, if you like Fangirl, or better, read this first before Fangirl.

Sword Art Online & Sword Art Online: Progressive

It’s a light novel and two separate novel series. I knew Sword Art Online from the anime. I recognize the name for quite a long time, but I never had an interest to watch it. I forgot why I decided to watch the series. It turns out I was wrong. I easily fall in love with the story and of course with the main character, Kirito. I like SAO story better than ALO or GGO.

After finished watching the anime, I started to collect its light novel, the English version. It’s still ongoing, even the original version.

Sword Art Online: Progressive tells the story about the Aincrad arc floor by floor. So far, one book is for one floor of Aincrad. The story is more detail for each floor, but there is some inconsistency related to Kirito and Asuna relationship compare to Sword Art Online series. There was an explanation at the end of each book and you will know why this inconsistency happened.

If you like action, adventure, fantasy, and MMORPG story, then this is the right book for you.

I still have several favorite books, but I’ll talk about it at another time.

See you tomorrow!




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