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[6] If I Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

Hmm, I never think about this before. Maybe I could define some criteria for it:

  1. Based on my previous post, I would definitely want to live in a country with 4 seasons.
  2. Have a winter season with not just a cold weather, but also snow.
  3. Quiet. Not overpopulated.
  4. No extreme traffic jam.
  5. Fresh air.
  6. Probably somewhere in countryside.

Ever since I played Harvest Moon, I am sometimes picturing myself living in a town like that – growing crops, have several barns, have gardens, visiting neighbors from time to time, and attending town festivals. But then, I am not really into farming or gardening so most likely I’m not going to do that.

So far, from my trips to several countries, the most ideal country for me is Japan. Those who know me well, must know that I like Japan a lot. And I really want to try to live there. Not in the big cities, but again in the countryside.

Maybe after I travel more to different countries in the future, I could have a better answer for this question.

See you tomorrow!




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