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[5] Favorite Season

I spent 22 years lived in a tropical country where you could see sunshine almost everyday and everyday feels like summer. Finally, I get a chance to experience 4 seasons. Therefore, I could answer this question: What is your favorite season?

The answer is…….


And suddenly I remember this phrase:

Brace yourself, winter is coming

When I was a kid, I always wondering if I could experience winter. I love winter scene, be it in a TV series, movie, or even just in anime. Have been experiencing winter in three different countries, my love for winter just grow bigger. Even though it’s cold and I need to wear several layers of clothes, I still love winter. There is something mysterious and magical about winter, especially there is snow. Well, cold morning usually makes me want to curl up in my blanket and sleep the whole day 😛

I saw a lot of snow when I visited Japan last year. I got extremely excited and tried to make snowman. I even lied down on the snow to create a snow angel 😀 Here are several photos when I got a chance to see a lot of snow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Winter may not be my favorite season anymore if I live in a country with such a long and cold winter. Who knows? Guess I need to move to that country first 😛

See you tomorrow!




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