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[4] 3 Favorite Colors

My most favorite color of all time is black. I remember there was a period where I loved to wear black T-shirt almost every time when I went out. At that time, if I needed to buy some clothes, I will automatically search for black clothes. I still like black until now, but I am not going to use black clothes every day. I never wear totally black from head to toe too. It looks like I am going to a funeral if I do that. Black is cool! And elegant, of course.

Second color is blue, more like light sky blue. Whenever I see something with light blue color, I feel calm. I have a hand warmer stuffed animal in light blue. It’s an elephant and his name is Epi 😀 FYI, Epi was born in Taiwan and is currently living in Hong Kong 😛

Fufufu Epi :3

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The third color is…. Red! Again, there are a lot of red shades which you could find it here. I like dark red such as red maroon, red scarlet, or red color in Gryffindor! Hmm, let’s see… I have a red glasses, a red SONY Walkman music player, a dark red jacket, and a dark red UNIQLO HEATTECH long T-Shirt.

In conclusion, if you want to give me a gift and you don’t know what I might like, just remember that I love black, light blue, and dark red. Then, you could definitely find something suitable for me 😛

See you tomorrow!




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