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[3] 3 Phobias I Have

I’ve posted about my phobias before in here, but it was in Indonesian.

Let me tell you about it again.

First, Altophobia or the fear of heights. It was around 2008 when I realized my fear of heights for the first time. There was one time when my friends and I wanted to cross the street but it’s too crowded. We decided to use the footbridge. At the time when I crossed the bridge and looked down, I felt a small panic attack. My legs were trembling and my heart was beating so fast. I could barely move forward. Crossing a small bridge also become a problem of me. I really need to hold on something so I could pass that bridge. This is also the reason I don’t want to ride roller coaster or any attraction that involve height.

Second, Aquaphobia or the fear of water. I don’t remember the exact time when I first realized that I have a fear of water. I could swim but not an expert. There is this one vivid memory about this fear. I was in a holiday trip with my family. My hometown is really close to the beach and other small islands. So, one day, we went to one of the islands with a small boat. I needed to cross a wooden bridge which were built over the water to reach the boat. The distance was quite far and there was no handrail on the bridge. When I went to cross it, I couldn’t stop praying and trying really hard not to see the water. Every time I see that much of a water, I will feel the fear and sometimes it makes me dizzy. Because of this, I don’t particularly love to go to the beach. I never have the guts to play water sports or even swim in the sea.

Third, Trypophobia or fear of holes. I can’t stand to look at something full of holes, even if it’s only a picture. Anything with a lot of holes makes me feel disgusted. I can’t stop thinking about it and I could see the image very clear in my head. It’s definitely unpleasant. Sometimes, I even dream about it and I promise you, it never end well. This fear started several years ago when I saw a hoax news about breast cancer and there were a lot of pictures with holes. I couldn’t bear it and I almost vomited. Recently, just a few months ago, there was an advertisement in the MTR (I don’t remember about what) and it was full of holes. Whenever I saw that poster, I quickly looked away and try not to think about it.

I also have fears for dark and horror movies, but compare to those three items, these are still bearable (not that much though).

See you tomorrow!




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