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[2] 20 Random Facts About Me

Okay, here are 20 random facts about me:

  1. I am really sensitive about my name, be it the writing thing or the pronunciation thing.
  2. I have a mild OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). When I already set-up my things and someone move it or re-arrange it, I will get annoyed.
  3. I don’t like sharing. To be precise, I don’t like to use other people’s things. As long as I could still afford it, I will buy one for myself. But it still depends on what kind of things though.
  4. I love to wrap all of my books and treat it with my utmost care. When I read my book, I try not to crease its cover or papers. I want to keep its condition as if it is a new book.
  5. I still read manga, watch anime, listen to anime song, and collect Nendoroid/Figma until now.
  6. I love quiet place and being alone.
  7. I like listen to music and being immersed in it. It usually helps me to concentrate.
  8. I don’t wear make-up (except lip balm, but it’s hardly a make-up, right?). Simply because I don’t know how to use it and I prefer not to learn it.
  9. When I was a kid (I think in the elementary to junior high school period), I really really wanted to become a boy.
  10. I used to think having female friends was a tough problem. Too much girls’ drama.
  11. When I am listening to a song, normally I never pay attention to the lyrics. I always focus more on the melody and the beat.
  12. I prefer Japanese drama and song than Korean drama/song. It’s also the same for the food.
  13. I love sweet things. Chocolate, cake, waffle, cream puff, ice cream, you name it!
  14. When it comes to chocolate, dark chocolate is number one!
  15. I keep my long hair because I always have a short hair when I was in elementary and junior high school.
  16. I’d rather starve than eat food that I don’t like or don’t want it at that moment.
  17. I always give my plush toy a name. Peeko the penguin, Pooh the bear, Pipi the banana, Suppi the seal, Epi the elephant, Koron the hamster, Riko the sheep, Kristi the Christmas tree, and so on…
  18. I don’t like eating a leftover food. I prefer to cook twice a day than cook a lot in the morning, put some of the foods in the refrigerator, and be reheated later for dinner or for tomorrow.
  19. If you don’t know me enough or it is the first time you see me, then I bet your first impression of me is: such a cold-hearted person.
  20. My left hand is stronger than my right hand.

See you tomorrow!




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