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[1] My Middle Name and How I Feel About It

My middle name is “Ria”. In Bahasa Indonesia, it means happy, cheerful, or merry.

I don’t particularly dislike my middle name but I will easily get irritated when I heard people call me with “Ria”. There were several occasions when people call me “Ria”. Usually it happens when they look at my name and decide that “Ria” is my nickname. There was one occasion when I came for a job interview and the interviewer kept calling me “Ria”. I was so sick about it and finally, when the interview almost finished, I said, “Sorry, I just want to clarify one thing. My name is Gemita. Not Ria.” The interviewer seemed surprised and said, “Oh sorry. My colleague here told me to call you Ria.”

That was the job interview in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the interviewers is Taiwanese and the other one is Indonesian. It turned out, the Taiwanese asked the Indonesian how to pronounce my name and he decided that “Gemita” must be difficult for the Taiwanese, so he taught him to call me “Ria”. In my mind I thought “oh how convenient it was”. 😐

Even if “Gemita” is difficult to be pronounced, I still don’t want to be called “Ria”. Therefore, I told the Taiwanese interviewer that he could call me “Mita” instead of “Gemita”. Since then, I was called “Mita” by my colleagues in that company. Even my company email address was “”. I doubt they even know that my name is written as Gemita.

I know this is weird. But again, it’s still better than “Ria”.

I think this is enough to make you know about my feeling toward my middle name.

See you tomorrow!




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