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New Place, New Journey

Two years ago, I visited this Special Administrative Region for a competition and vacation. Could you guess what my first impression two years ago was? I definitely do not like it. Over populated. Too crowded. Rude people (compare to Taipei). Super-hot (it was summer at that time). I like Taiwan Taipei better than this country. I still remember when I got this question: If you get a job here, would you take it? Of course I said no confidently. There was no way I am going to look for a job in HK.

But, now, I moved to this over populated – too crowded country. It still quite unbelievable for me when I made this decision. Being a peaceful-quiet environment lover, I need an extra effort to survive. So, why did I decide to stay here? Opportunity. Maybe I could grow further, learn much more, and finally have a clear idea for what I want to do in the future.

I feel stuck in Taipei. I still love its ambiance, the lovely MRT and other public transportation, and of course the super convenient 7-11 and Family Mart. But, in terms of work, I got bored. I definitely could do better if only I could speak Chinese fluently. Well, that is also one of my problems. I lived four years in Taiwan yet there is no significant improvement to my Chinese language ability. I fully understand that Chinese is one of the important languages in the world. Surprisingly, after I learned it intensively for 3 months, I do not fond of it. I cannot force myself to keep learning.

Having a really Chinese face like me is also troublesome. When in Taiwan, wherever I went, people always speak to me in Chinese. The outcome only two: if I understand it, I could easily reply. If not, then I will say: sorry, I don’t speak Chinese or worse, if the person did not understand English at all: 對不起, 我聽不懂中文.

When I move here, I expect people will speak English to me. It turns out I am wrong. Again, because of my face, people speak Cantonese to me. If you speak Chinese to me, the chance is I will understand 50%-75% what you are saying. But, Cantonese is a whole different language. I even cannot guess the meaning. When I say “sorry, I don’t speak Cantonese”, people will switch their language to Chinese. Great. I guess when I speak English to them, they think it’s Chinese.

This kind of barrier language also happened when I try to contact local agents to find a place to live. Half of the agents speak little to no English, even there was an agent who tried to communicate with me in Chinese, simply because my Whatsapp number still using my Taiwan number.

Apartment hunting was a quite troublesome matter too. If anyone asks what my job is for the last two weeks, I could easily say that I am a full-time apartment hunter. It is not easy and I need to consider many aspects especially because this whole environment is new for me. Do not forget that the rent price in HK is ridiculously expensive especially in HK Island.

After spent two weeks and walked almost 20000 steps every day, finally I found a temporary place to live for several months. I will start working tomorrow. Let’s hope everything will be okay and run smoothly. For a bonus, maybe I could also pick up some Cantonese 😀



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4 thoughts on “New Place, New Journey

  1. masalah bahasa ini emang kadang bikin stress ya mit *mewek*
    kalo udah berhubungan sama administrasi lalala dan stafnya nggak bisa bahasa inggris pengen pulang aja rasanya. wkwkwk.
    apalagi kalo sebenernya urusannya gampang tapi karena masalah bahasa jadi susah T_T
    anyway, selamat menempuh hidup baru 😛

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