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Gap Year

It has been a long time since I have this urge to stop doing my routine activities for a few months and start enjoying my life. You know, like taking a language class or doing some volunteering jobs or having part-time in a fast-food restaurant or even going to somewhere else that I have never been before. Maybe you would be more familiar if I said I want to take a gap year or sabbatical year.

A gap year does not literally mean a year. Well, you could just take a few months (so, maybe I should call it a gap month not a gap year?). Whatever the term, the point is to take some time to find what you really want to do. Ideally, a gap year should be taken after graduating from a high school and before entering a university or college.

The first time I felt this way is when I was trying to work as hard as I could to graduate from my university. Spend one or two months before start working would be a great idea. But, of course it did not happen because I need to complete my fast-track program. Then, I thought after finishing my fast-track program, that gap year could be realized. It turns out that I am wrong. Pursuing a second master’s degree in Taiwan made me forgot.

Since this gap year still cannot be realized, I promised to myself that I will take a gap year after I get my second master degree. I planned to start working last year in September or October so that I could have at least two months to enjoy my life. Guess what? I failed again. I started working in August. My manager wanted me to start working as soon as possible 😐

After several months working, that urge comes again – the urge to take a gap year. Maybe I am just tired. Maybe this year I could take a gap year?




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