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English Mass at Our Lady of Assumption Church Taipei

The English Mass is now celebrated every Sunday at 11:30.

Since we moved out from NTUST dormitory, we do not go to Holy Family Catholic Church any longer simply because it’s quite far from my place (it takes around one hour to get there). Therefore, we started looking for other church which has English Mass. Based on this link, the nearest one is St. John Bosco Parish so we started going there every Sunday morning at 10.30. Actually, it’s still quite far from our place. We need around 20-30 minutes to go there.

Until one day, when we had dinner with our friends, one of them told me that there is a church which has English Mass near our place. The church name is “Our Lady of Assumption Church“. We tried to “google” it but we cannot find any information about whether the church really has an English Mass. Initially we were doubtful but then we found a webpage that says the church has an English Mass on Saturday 5 pm.

So last Saturday, we went there to join the English Mass. The church is located next to OK Mart. The church is quite small. When we went inside, there were not so many people. The majority of them are elderly. After the Mass has ended, the Parish Priest – Father Peter Ho, gave an announcement: “It’s already one year since we started to celebrate English Mass and I think we will continue. So, please come again next week and invite your friend.” I think the reason why only a few people come to celebrate the English Mass there was because it’s new and not widely published in the official Mass Schedule of Catholic Church in Taipei.

IMG_20150117_175524 IMG_20150117_175533 IMG_20150117_175539 IMG_20150117_175547

From that first visit, we feel that the church and the Mass is suitable for us. We feel that the Mass service is more solemn than most other Catholic churches in Taipei. The songs are also more traditional.

If you want to go there, here is the address:
No.67, Sec. 3, Chenggong Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11460

See you next time!




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