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My 23rd Birthday

Actually, my birthday was 13 days ago. There were a lot of things came up recently, therefore I did not have time to write about it.

This is the first time my birthday was celebrated with my friends because usually my birthday always overlaps with school holidays. As a tradition of Indonesian students here, your birthday will be celebrated at a canteen next to 7-ELEVEN. You will find a cake (of course) and your friends waiting to celebrate your birthday. Sometimes there is a birthday present too. For boys, there is an addition: the birthday boy will be thrown into the pool near the first dormitory. It reminds me of birthday celebration when I was in ITB. They also threw the birthday boy into the “Indonesia tenggelam” pool. But since I was in the third grade, that tradition has been banned.

16 June

I was watching a Japanese movie when one of my friends came to my room. She said she want to have a chit-chat related to her personal life. Then I listened to her story (it was quite a long story) and in the end she said she was hungry and want to buy some foods at 7-11. She asked me to go with her. At first, I rejected it because I haven’t finished that movie, but finally I went with her.

When I arrived at that canteen, a lot of people already gathered around. Then, my super boyfriend gave me a birthday cake – a chicken birthday cake – of course with candles on it.

chicken birthday cake
chicken birthday cake

Make a wish – take pictures together – cut the cake – and finally got a birthday present too. That was the most interesting part. I got Hey! Say! JUMP calendar 2013-2014 for my birthday present 😀 I remember I have said to KoBun that I want that calendar last year when I accidentally saw it in a store. In fact, I wanted to buy it by myself but the price is quite expensive so I didn’t buy it.

my birthday cake and HSJ calendar
my birthday cake and HSJ calendar

KoBun said that he still has another present for me and my birthday theme this year is “Time”. Later he posted a birthday video and it is very cool! (Thanks ICE, you made my boyfriend learn how to make a very good video :P)

This is the video 😀

17 June

On the next day, when I woke up, I found another birthday gift on my desk. It was a Line doll and also Dan Brown’s latest novel “Inferno”. Yay! That was the second time I got a novel for my birthday present 😀 The first time was my 14th birthday – I got two Sidney Sheldon’s novels “Are you afraid of the dark?” and “Nothing Lasts Forever”.

line doll and "Inferno"
line doll and “Inferno”

For special dinner with KoBun, we went to Mita Pasta in Zhong Shan area 😛 The restaurant is cozy and comfortable. The food is delicious and the price is not that expensive. We tried their set menu: salad, soup, pasta, dessert, and beverage.

Dinner at Mita Pasta
Dinner at Mita Pasta
Set meal
Set meal: salad, soup, pasta, dessert, and beverage

That’s all! See you on my next post 😀




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