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Maybe every student in the world wants to get good grades. Studying becomes one of the options to get it. But in my observation, studying is not that interesting anymore for some students. They prefer easier way to get good grades – cheating. As you know, cheating has turned into a habit.

Maybe I am a conservative person. I don’t like to cheat. I am not saying that I never cheat. I do cheat, but in the past (as I had mentioned here). What I don’t get is: why people can be so proud when they talk about how they cheat? Some people talked very enthusiastically, I can see from their expression – how happy they were because they were successful to get good grades by cheating.

Maybe you could say that this is degradation in our education. Previously, I thought that cheating is only popular for students in elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and several undergraduate students. But in reality, even graduate students do it. Perhaps, you could find it in postgraduate students too?

Fair. It’s very difficult to implement. Not everything in the world could be done fairly. I know that. But then again, does it mean that you can cheat as much as you can? Why don’t we try to do every single thing in our life with this “fair” concept?

How do you stop this bad habit?



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