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Taipei Astronomical Museum

Last Wednesday, the ICE Choir 2013 went to Taipei Astronomical Museum. Previously, I had an idea to go to Yang Ming Shan (陽明山) to see the cherry blossoms. I have no clue about this mountain so I decided to go there first with my boyfriend and two other friends. Unfortunately, what I saw there was not the same with what I had imagined and seen in others’ photos. There were only a few cherry blossoms – I can count the trees by my hand. How about the rest of the trees? Well, mostly were trees with green leaves and some with red or white flowers. Because of this nothing-to-see view there, I asked the choir members whether they still want to go there or perhaps we should change the destination.

After a very-very-very long discussion (actually virtual discussion), we came up with an idea to go to Taipei Astronomical Museum on spring break. Unfortunately (again), not all the members can go. We decided to meet up at 9am but as you can guess, some of them were overslept and came at 10am. We arrived at the museum approximately at 11am. The museum is located not far from Shilin MRT Station (around 1.5km).

There are a lot of fees we need to pay:

  1. Exhibit hall entrance: NT40
  2. Cosmic adventure: NT70
  3. IMAX Theatre: NT100
  4. 3D Theatre: NT100

Fortunately, if you have a student card then you will get 50% discount for exhibit hall entrance, IMAX theatre, and 3D theatre tickets 😀 Therefore, I only need to pay NT190 for those four tickets. After buying the tickets, we entered the museum.

First, we went to the exhibit hall and captivated by the huge solar system (the sun and eight planets) which are hanged on the ceiling. The first floor exhibits a lot of measuring instruments from ancient Western and Eastern astronomy; earth rotation and revolution simulation, and also solar and lunar eclipse. On the second floor, you can find the celestial spheres and constellations, also a lot of telescopes and observatories. On the third floor, you can find the stars, galaxies, and cosmology exhibition.

At 12.50pm we went to IMAX Theatre to watched “To the Artic”. Basically, we did not have particular reason to watch this film. We chose it because its schedule is right next to our arrival. Well, the poster and the trailer is great (I already saw the trailer before going to the museum) but again, what we watched was not that great. It was quite boring, although there were some parts that actually funny. The IMAX Theatre provides English but only for the three rows on the top. There was a headphone in the right side of your chair. Once the film is finished, there was a sky show to learn about constellations. Regrettably, the explanation was in Chinese so we only could see the stars and constellations without understanding it 😦

So, to cheer ourselves up after watching that boring film, we went to ride the pods on cosmic adventure. Cosmic adventure is located on the 4th floor of the Exhibit Hall. Each pod takes 2-3 passengers. The pods move slowly and the ride takes about 10-12 minutes. You can buy the ticket on the vending machine which is also located on the 4th floor– near the entrance. There is no discount for this attraction. The trip itself has a story – a journey into the solar system – but you will also experience an encounter with a black hole and meet aliens. When the pods encounter the black hole, the pods will be rotated and you may feel a little dizzy. In fact, this cosmic adventure is much better than the exhibit hall, IMAX Theatre, and even the 3D Theatre.

Next, we went to watch 3D Theatre. The film was “Space Junk”. Well, because we were really enthusiastic to watch the film, we forgot to ask whether or not they provide English and as you can guess, we were trapped inside the theatre with Chinese dubbed film 😐 The film takes 35-45 minutes. I almost slept inside the theatre and other members also fell asleep during this film. Once the film is finished, there were some explanations about the difference of wave length and the difference of x-ray, ultra-light, and other kinds of light (I don’t remember it). Outside the theatre, we found out that we need to ask for the headphone at the entrance if we want to hear English explanation 😛

Watching two boring films were really exhausting and we all got hungry. Finally, we ended up eating hotpot at Gongguan. The cheap price, free to add rice as much as you want, and more than enough portion are the reasons why I like that place so much. One of the members actually asked to add rice until three times 😀

One of my Professors said that when you report something you need to have a conclusion. So, here is my conclusion: The museum is not that great as is written in its website but it is equivalent with the price. If you go there, you definitely need to ride the cosmic adventure 😛





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