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Happy 19th Birthday Yamada Ryosuke

Today, 2012.05.09, is his 19th birthday. Well, I’ve done a little image editing and made this birthday greeting. I know it’s too simple and not good enough since I don’t have much picture of him in high quality but I’m really happy that I could make it 🙂 Oh, and the reason why I choose blue as the background color is because blue is one of his favorite color 😀

Although I am still a newbie to this fandom and I only know him since two months ago but I already admire and adore him. Hmm, maybe he is too perfect. Flawless. Thanks for always smiling and give happiness to us 

Happy birthday Ryosuke!

Hope you always healthy, always can smile, and always give happiness to other people especially your fans – HSJ’s fans. Hope you could make your dream come true. And hope you could grow taller even though only 5cm *LOL* 😀 But, even if you don’t grow taller I’m sure your fans still like you 🙂

Once again I wanna say:



Happy Birthday!

Selamat ulang tahun!

Ah, can’t wait for Hey! Say! JUMP’s second album *so excited* 😀




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